Being There

Last week I went to a Sam Smith concert. For those of you that are familiar with Sam Smith you’ll know that he has a powerful and soulful voice. It was a great concert. Not just being able to hear him preform but being able to hear and feel his voice without a filter like headphones or speakers. I think music is best when it’s live and more honest as there’s no refining or fine-tuning, just raw power.

I’ve often wished that I could sing. And while I try (to the annoyance of everyone around me) my voice is not good (to say the least). Instead I write and that is my release. Poems and stories convey my emotions and thoughts just as a song would. My feelings are bound in ink and will be released to you, the reader. And in that moment you are there, with me, and just as a song resonates, I hope my words to too. I hope that you can feel all that I say in your bones. Like a cello’s low note, or the soft beating of a drum.

Listening to I’ve Told You Now by Sam Smith


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