On Aspiring

I’ve never actually said I was aspiring to anything. I’ve said I was this or I was  that or the dreading ‘trying to do’ this or ‘trying to do’ that. Never aspiring. Always trying.

Looking back on it from the fresh hindsight of two days I realize now that aspiring was exactly what I was doing. I was an aspiring writer- I wanted to write 1,000 words a day and instead ended up just reading or watching yet another episode of How I Met Your Mother, House of Cards or an interchangable cop drama. I was an aspiring artist- sure I drew everyday but nothing powerful or anything that I was really proud of; just lines on a page that I would later post haphazardly. (Omitting tags or just forwarding it from one site to another without taking due time to upload it to each individually). I was and still am an aspiring graphic novelist. I have all these ideas and they sit in a little designated box waiting to be reviewed, scrapped, or frankenstiened into something better.

Now I’m not claiming anything. I am neither aspiring nor am I trying really to do anything. I am just doing it. In the words of the great fictional philosopher and Jedi Master Yoda:

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

And so I shall.

A few of you may be wondering why there was no Music Monday yesterday and that’s for two reasons; 1) I actually went to a concert yesterday (Sam Smith) so having that on top of a Music Monday post would’ve been a bit much for me and 2) Music Mondays are a little difficult for me as my music taste change throughout the week and then I have to pick which artist from that week to do so I’ve decided to just share what I’m listening to at the end of each blog post.

For today it would be Broken by George Ezra.


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