Music Mondays- FKA Twigs

I was initially a little wary to write about this group as I wasn’t so sure that I would like them at first myself. However, after listening to FKA twigs more I was pleasantly surprised as the beats and almost trance-like sound were quite beautiful.

FKA twigs stands for Formerly Known As twigs. The lead singer is Talliah Barnet and FKA’s debut EP in 2012 EP1 won critical acclaim and they have gained steam ever since. Now they are actually on a world tour. The band now has 3 albums out and are still making music according to an interview they did on KEXP radio. (A Seattle radio station I would encourage you to look up if you have time.)

Their sound is soft and haunting with strange sounds that add to twigs’ lovely voice. She sings of sex and the longing that comes naturally in relationships with a pure voice that stays in your head long after the song is over. This is especially the case with Two Weeks where I found I had it playing in my head a few days after I first heard it. Two Weeks is their most popular song and one of my favorites by them but my favorite by them would have to be Pendulum with Two Weeks and Lights On tying at a close second. Their sound is very modern with the beats and lyrics but there is something almost timeless about twigs voice and when everything comes together it’s just magical.


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