Music Mondays

Music has become a key part of my life both socially and creatively. People can bond just from one song, that starts a conversation, that starts something else entirely. Creatively I just love listening to it and sometimes just a lyric or two with float around in my head for a while and show again in a poem, a story, or the lines of a face, caught between the age of castles and the age of the harsh reality of time.

I’ve always believed that it is something that can transcend barriers; language barriers, socio-economic barriers, religious barriers. Because of that I would like to share some of my favorite bands, music or just an interesting song with you every Monday.

This Monday I’ve chosen a band from Ghent, Belgium called I will, I swear. They are a part of Unday Records which also has artist stuch as Yuko and Hydrogen Sea. I will, I swear is orchestral pop with soft vocals and piano that just sets the tone so well. My favorite song by them in Sleep though Long Days is their most popular track.

I will, I swear’s songs have a sense of beautiful melancholy to it that just leaves you silent. There is a stillness and displacement of time when you listen to it. The vocals are soft yet powerful and the piano and strings just add to the lyrics that tell stories all too painfully common.

Their songs are avialable for purchase on iTunes and Amazon and you can also listen for free on Youtube or Soundcloud.


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