Best Advice

The best advice I’d ever been given was one word: focus. I had always been a child of many passions from geology to architecture, to collecting things from buttons to quaters then to beads for a year long stint in jewerly making. I don’t wear jewelry. I am easily inspired, which is a good things in many respects but it makes for some unsual hobbies. I wanted to try and still want to try everything. There are things I know that I can’t do and things I’ve figured out I’m no good at from multiple failed attempts. (Crocette being the prime example of this as any time I attempt to make a square it miraculously turns into a triagle.)
I’ve always wanted to be a Reneasaince Man; to learn a bit of everything- know of numerous trades and have many skills without having to really sit down and work at any of them. I take on many projects all at once and lay them down just as quickly.
Focus. My mother said this to me as I asked for supplies for some new endevor. She said that I should stick to a few things that I have potential in and work up from there. I have. Writing was the first and art was the second.
I cannot give this advice to everyone. Some, while few, are hyperfocused. They relentlessly pursue their goals and cast everything else off to the side. That is just as dangerous as not focusing at all. People should have hobbies, just things you do for fun becuase you enjoy it. Take a walk. Read. Watch a movie or knit. Doing passive hobbies may seem like a waste of time but it actually helps. It allows your mind to rest for awhile and also builds new synapses to other regions of the brain that may not normally be in use. And most importantly, it gets you to relax. To let go. Realize that all that needs to be done will be done and that taking a thirty minute break to and walk the dog isn’t going to kill you.


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